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Layering Your Necklaces is The Vibe

13 May, 2024

Layering your jewellery is the vibe and we're here to help you nail it.

Have you ever found yourself questioning if you're wearing too many layered necklaces? Or maybe you're struggling to come up with new ways to layer your necklaces.

Well, don't worry, because it's time for you to become a master at layering!

Join us for a deep dive into layering, some layering tips and trends and how best to have a capsule collection you can style so many different ways.

During the springtime, it’s all about going to pub garden with friends, strolling around the city streets until sunset, and the priceless touch of pairing jewellery pieces to make a statement.

Key Points

Nail your base - this essential element will serve as the foundation for your entire outfit, no matter what comes after.

Contrast with Texture - elevate your style by incorporating more intricacy, whether it's with a diamond name necklace, a hamsa hand pendant or a zodiac necklace, it's all about playing with textures.

Your style - your rules - jazz up your look by incorporating some colour, incorporating pearls and beads, or keeping it simple with a couple of minimalistic chains. Mix and match your jewellery in any way that allows you to express yourself.

Although layering jewellery is trendy right now, with spring in mind, layered pieces are designed to transition with you throughout the seasons. As the seasons shift from spring to summer and beyond, the layering trend always fits perfectly with your events and outfits.

Layering continues to add some edge to your outfits with a touch of personal expression.

Whether it's stacking delicate chains or mixing bold statement pieces, the versatility of layered jewellery promises its forever place in your jewellery boxes beyond the spring season.

Embracing this trend allows for endless creativity in personal styling, adding an extra layer of charm to every moment and look.

Our bezel set diamond necklace layers so well with out evil eye necklace and together they are the perfect spring / summer look. 


1 - We've touched on it already but select a standout necklace such as a the evil eye pendant or the zodiac pendant, and pair it with a few simple pieces. You can even add smaller versions of the same gemstone for a cohesive touch. This way, your eye-catching necklace will stand out and seamlessly integrate into your overall look.

2 - it's a good guide to keep a 2-inch gap between necklaces for a nice, natural look and feel. This amount of space will give your necklaces a balanced and flowing appearance.

3 - saying that, more is more.. for a more artistic and balanced look, try layering multiple necklaces. To add a touch of sexy, let the longer necklace hang beneath your clothes instead of on top. It's your style, so your rules.

4 - for those wanting to make a stylish statement, our classic diamond tennis necklace is the one for you! Timeless and dainty, it pairs beautifully with everything from a simple blouse to a little black dress.


Make your layers meaningful with personalised dog tag, date necklaces, name necklaces or initial necklaces that allow you to subtly name drop.

Add a touch of unique personalisation by layering your look with one of our name necklaces for a look that's uniquely yours.

personalised necklaces layered

Jewellery is truly the unsung hero of our wardrobes

Take your layering game to the next level by incorporating heavier pieces like our paper clip chain. The mix of delicate and chunky chains dimension to your look, creating a stylishly curated aesthetic that's sure to turn heads.

As you step out for your springtime adventures, you should consider how layering jewellery can be the perfect accessories to your clothing choices.

Pairing delicate chains with flowing dresses or stacking bold statement pieces over sleek tops adds depth and personality to your ensemble. Just like layering clothes, layering jewellery allows you to mix and match textures, lengths, and metals for a look that's uniquely yours.

No matter if you're catching up over brunch with friends or planning something more extravagant, your jewellery pieces are crafted to effortlessly enhance your style, enhancing every moment and outfit.

So go ahead, experiment with different textures, lengths, and metals to create a layered look that's as unique as you are.

With Argent and Asher, the possibilities are endless.

Why settle for one necklace when you can layer them all?

May 13, 2024 — Katie Silver
Bezel Set Lapis Tennis Necklace
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Evil Eye of Positive Energy
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