As a woman-owned and woman-led business, we believe that every woman deserves to feel confident and beautiful, and we strive to make that a reality through our jewellery.
Here at Argent & Asher, we're passionate about our designs and in creating solid gold jewellery, that you can wear everyday!"

We know that making the switch from fast fashion throwaway jewellery to investment pieces is a change you won’t regret.

Our pieces are not made in large volumes, and we are constantly creating new edgy and unique designs, so you won’t find everyone wearing the same jewellery as you. Our passion, alongside love and attention to detail for each piece that is created, is second to none!

Our unique edge, is giving "you" the customer exactly what you want by making our brand and what we offer, a completely bespoke service.

We often tweak designs to suit a customer’s style and preference. Swap a gemstone for a birthstone, or create something of your own design. Part of our passion for jewellery is that we love working closely with our customers to make something that feels personal to you.

We only work with the best solid gold materials, ethically and individually sourced diamonds, precious and semi- precious gemstones, to create design led timeless pieces that will feel special to you, for years to come.

master jeweller by argent and asher

"I design the type of jewellery I like to wear, inspired by my love for travel, we don’t follow trends but create jewellery that doesn’t go out of fashion and will last you a lifetime."

We are always working on improving our environmental impact where we can, and so, we choose to focus on investment pieces that you’ll never need to replace and hope to steer customers away from the wasteful and destructive fast fashion jewellery market, which is so destructive to our environment, and planet.

We understand the personal and often emotional connection jewellery can have and want all of our pieces to hold that type of attachment for you.