about us 

Our founder and CEO Katie Silver has always had a keen eye for fine jewellery, and a growing love for its design.

Katie loved nothing more than dressing up in her grandmothers pearls and sapphire encrusted earrings, dancing around the house pretending to be a lady, then falling asleep in a pile of adult clothing!

The defining moment came when Katie's passions for jewellery and dressing up, spurned her into designing jewellery of her own. As a young girl, you'd often find her in a quiet room, or under the dinning room table sketching on an old newspaper, or scrapbook. Some of these design have come to fruition in her creations today, which makes them even more special.

"I always enjoyed the effortless glamour of jewellery when added to everyday outfits in my household. The way a simple gold earring, diamond necklace or sapphire ring could change an entire look or outfit, made me quite inquisitive at a very young age."

Argent & Asher's jewellery creations aren't just about the aesthetic, or enhancing your individual look or style. It's also about how jewellery makes you feel, what it means to you and the connection you have with it.

Jewellery gave me a purpose and encouraged confidence in me - without jewellery I would feel incomplete or unfinished. Which is why it's important for me to make sure all women can afford and wear solid gold jewellery, everyday! Simply because of how it makes you feel. Its a ball of confidence.. and whether that comes in a tiny gem, a personalised piece, or a symbolic necklace, it doesn't matter. What matters is we all have our own style and unique fashion sense, and whatever makes us feel good, we should wear everyday and with confidence!"