If there's one thing Argent and Asher hold near and dear, it's the opportunity to express oneself through jewellery.

From commemorating an eternal bond with a loved one to a minimalist statement piece that will shine in any type of weather, signet rings are the sprinkle of joy that serves as a reminder to express ourselves through jewellery.

Our collection of six solid gold signet rings offers a broad range of sizes for the two ring shapes, the petite signet and the diamond signet.

signet rings

Petite signet rings

The petite signet rings are crafted from 14k gold; each 14k gold signet ring showcases an oval shape, blending the traditional gold signet ring design with a modern touch.

These rings are the perfect pairing to sparkle with your winter fits, giving off a minimalist vibe with their understated elegance.

Argent and Asher are always on the hunt to elevate our jewellery, and with aesthetic chunky rings taking over our Pinterest and Instagram feeds, we have curated signet rings that are both trendy and timeless.

Our jewellery can carry you through season to season, and signet rings are the perfect piece of jewellery to make a statement any, time of year!

signet rings

Diamond signet rings

Diamonds are truly a girl's best friend when it comes to our diamond signet rings. Also made from 14k gold, these rings have a pavé setting of glimmering diamonds, featuring a single diamond personalised initial and an engraved star.

The diamonds are carefully arranged to make the shape of your chosen initial, creating a natural shiny effect that will have you glowing over the holidays.

With our diamonds' fine cut and clarity, these gems are bound to add sparkle to your finger and make a perfect gift for you or a loved one this season!

signet rings

Make it personal

We love to keep it personal around here, offering the chance to make your signet ring truly one of a kind.

The ring’s plain surface enables you to personalise it any way you want with a complimentary engraving, either on the face or on the back of the ring.

If you want to make the ring even more personalised, we’ve got you covered with our bespoke service.

We can create a design for your engraving, whether it's your initials, a modern heirloom, something related to your family heritage, or any personalised idea you have in mind.

December 30, 2023 — Daniela Castaneda