As we enter 2024, we’re eyeing up the jewellery trends destined to make this new year the boldest.

The jewellery scene is undergoing a vibrant transformation, embracing a resurgence of the ultra-feminine aesthetic.

A playful and youthful vibe is sweeping through the fashion landscape, witnessed on apps like Pinterest and TikTok.

After the challenges of last year, a bit of sparkle and flair is certain to uplift your spirits and is sure to help you feel your best.

Among the current trends leading the charge into the new year is the charming portrayal of the ever-changing and diverse jewellery scene in 2024.

Here are some current trends we’re ready to invite into our lives!

Bow Jewellery

bow jewellery

The ultra-feminine aesthetic is making a comeback in the jewellery scene, as observed on platforms like Pinterest and TikTok.

Bows, with their cute and fun appeal, have become a defining trend and projected to stay in 2024.

Seamlessly integrating bows into various aspects of your look is the vibe. Effortlessly incorporating this youthful trend into your wardrobe is achieved through jewellery, adding a playful touch without appearing overly doll-like.

Metallic Bangles

catwalk photo of models wearing bangles

Leading designers such as Chloé and Tory Burch have given metallic bangles their moment on the runway.

Whether opting for a single piece or embracing a cuff-style bangle, as seen in Chloé's spring/summer '24 collection, you can effortlessly nail this trend.

Transform a simple outfit like a sweater and jeans with the simple yet cool addition of a bangle or two.

By scrunching up your sleeves and stacking these accessories, you can elevate your style effortlessly with metallic bangles.

The Singular Pendant

pear necklace

In the jewellery world, sometimes less is more, the singular pendant takes center stage in 2024.

Minimalistic designs from brands like 3.1 Phillip Lim and Bevza bring back the long pendant necklace for a timeless appeal.

Pearls Galore

pearls being worn by celebrity

Noteworthy statements graced the fall runways which displayed oversized pearl jewellery.

The collection ranged from extra-large hoops to earrings adorned with ribbons and necklaces inspired by punk aesthetics.

Mismatched Earrings

mismatched earrings

This year's Fall/Winter runways displayed a significant jewellery trend— asymmetry, particularly in earrings.

Zimmermann and Fendi, among other designers, embraced this trend by combining studs with dangling earrings.

Additionally, some designers opted for pairing similar silhouettes in their asymmetrical earring designs.


image of a choker

If the necklaces showcased on the runways of Vivienne Westwood and Valentino during the Spring/Summer '24 shows are any indication, chokers are here for the long haul.

This season's take on the trend features a blend of metals and textures, offering a range from spiky to streamlined variations.

Floral Inspired Jewellery

flower jewellery by argent and asher

This winter season, floral motifs continue to be a timeless and enduring theme in jewellery.

Metal blooms adorned models at renowned fashion houses during the fall/winter shows, emphasising the attractiveness, uniqueness, and meaningfulness of these floral designs.

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Ear Cuffs

ear cuffs

Acclaimed fashion designers such as Loewe and Zimmermann added fancy ear cuffs to their fashion shows.

These statement earrings had crystals and gold, climbing up the models' ears. They looked sharp and cool, inspired by punk styles but with a fancy and polished touch.

Stacked Rings

argent and asher ring stacks

Stacking rings have been trendy for years, and in 2024, multi-row rings are joining the spotlight.

These rings combine multiple bands in one design, mimicking the stacked ring look.

Whether sleek and subtle or bold and chunky, multi-row rings offer a unique and expressive accessory. 

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Art Deco Inspired Jewellery

art deco inspired jewellery blog

Vintage jewellery, particularly the Art Deco aesthetic, is making a strong comeback.

Rings, necklaces, and bracelets adorned with gold, diamonds, onyx, and more capture the essence of 1920s Paris, with some pieces even originating from that era.


We hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into the constantly changing world of jewellery trends.

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Let your year be filled with elegance and expression!

January 28, 2024 — Daniela Castaneda